Akelius Foundation

language courses

courses used in refugee camps and schools

Akelius Foundations owns a non-for-profit company in Germany, Akelius Online Languages gGmbH. 

The company develops language courses, 
that are freely accessible online.

This is part of Akelius Foundation's cooperation with UNICEF. 

The language courses are used in refugee camps around the world.

Use the free language courses, here.
Read more about the Akelius Language courses, here.

starting the course



The student starts a course by selecting
their home language.


After home language,
the next step is to select the target language.


By logging in with a name,
the student gets weekly progression.

mountain of knowledge

The next step is for the student to select their present level of knowledge.

path of knowledge

The chapters have numbers.

Besides the study track,
the student may choose a test,
or a book.


The student selects among different methods, 
a blended way to learn.

Some like to start with games, 
others with strict lessons, 
and again others with guessing.

The art is to variate by activating other senses.


There is one game similar to Bingo.


Bingo has 25 pictures,
five by five squares.

The student hears the name of a picture, such as window.

The student has one or two seconds to find, 
and click on the picture.

The winner gets five correct in a row, in a column, 
or a diagonally.



Password is a modern variant of Hangman.

As a clue, the student gets a name for a group of objects or actions, like travel, food, and clothes.

The student tries with any letter, such as a.

If the letter a is in the password, all letters a appear in the password.

The student has seven turns.

The first letters seem impossible to guess,
but near the final,
they appear easy.

The student learns how to spell.

Falling Leaves


In Falling Leaves, three to five objects fall continuously.

The student hears a voice, coffee, coffee.

The player has to hit the moving or falling object before it is too late.



Windows creates time stress.

In the beginning, two windows open.

The student hears a voice, such as Tuesday.

The student has a short time to click.

In the first turn, only two windows are open.

Later, more windows open simultaneously.

The student gets less time.

There are other games such as Memory, 
Crossword, and combining.


There is a dictionary between the home language and the target language.

By clicking on teacher,
the student gets printable flash cards,
teacher guidelines, and communication with
the producers.

Seen below, there is a monthly race between students in the same language group.

stadium with scores

If a peer has achieved a position just before you,
there is the magical power that each of us wants to catch a few points more.

The student does not have to be clever or more intelligent, to achieve more points.

The art is to spend more time on the online platform.